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CommerceKit is a set of developer tools provided by thirdweb that allow companies and brands to easily integrate web3 features into their digital commerce and customer experience programs.

What you can build

CommerceKit can be used to build different web3 customer experiences including:

  • Digital collectible collections
  • Customer loyalty programs that can be used to unlock virtual and IRL experiences
  • Membership tokens that offer utility customer utility including gated access
  • Programmable rewards that seamlessly integrate with other brands and third parties
  • Monetization of digital assets via royalties and secondary sales


The key features of CommerceKit are:

  • Flexibility in choosing different digital collectible types including 1-of-1 collections, editions, loot boxes, on-demand/dynamic and specialized NFT’s available in thirdweb’s on-chain smart contract registry (Explore)
  • A broad set of distribution options including claimable drops, free airdrops and white labeled marketplaces
  • Integration with existing e-commerce platforms (Shopify)
  • Tools to bridge existing customer profile data sources with customer on-chain profiles
  • Embeddable wallet and payment services that allow customers to register with email/social login and purchase with a credit card
  • Analytics via a Dashboard and API
  • web3 API’s for minting, gasless relayers, token gating, storage and on-chain events and analytics
  • cross platform SDK’s including web, mobile and gaming platforms
  • “Build once” and deploy to over 4000 blockchains supported by thirdweb