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Smart Contracts

Audited smart contract templates are available that implement a variety of web3 primitives including:

Deploying Contracts via Explore

thirdweb Explore is an on-chain registry for smart contracts that can be deployed via one-click on the thirdweb Dashboard.

Integrating Smart Contracts via SDK

Applications can interact with smart contracts using thirdweb’s web3 SDK. SDK’s are available in a variety of programming languages including:

Creating Custom Contracts with Solidity SDK

If you want to either build a smart contract from scratch or add functionality to existing smart contracts, you can use thirdweb’s Solidity SDK. Using Solidity SDK, you can:

  • Create Base Contracts, which give you access to a set of audited, gas optimized smart contracts that you use as the foundation of your smart contract.
  • Add Extensions to existing contracts, which are individual pieces of functionality you can add to your smart contracts.

By using auto-detection features built into the thirdweb SDK’s, custom contracts can be integrated seamlessly into applications.