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Library for managing[sets] of primitive types. Sets have the following properties: - Elements are added, removed, and checked for existence in constant time (O(1)). - Elements are enumerated in O(n). No guarantees are made on the ordering. contract Example { // Add the library methods using EnumerableSet for EnumerableSet.AddressSet; // Declare a set state variable EnumerableSet.AddressSet private mySet; } As of v3.3.0, sets of type bytes32 (Bytes32Set), address (AddressSet) and uint256 (UintSet) are supported. [WARNING] ==== Trying to delete such a structure from storage will likely result in data corruption, rendering the structure unusable. See[ethereum/solidity#11843] for more info. In order to clean an EnumerableSet, you can either remove all elements one by one or create a fresh instance using an array of EnumerableSet. ====