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In the Events view, you are able to see an updated list of all the transactions emittted on the contract and their corresponding block number, and hash. The drop downs provide a detailed view of the event data.

Screenshot of events view

Events List

EventEvent Description
ClaimConditionsUpdatedEmitted when Claim Conditions have been updated.
ContractURIUpdatedEmitted when the Contract URI or metadata have been updated.
TokensLazyMintedEmitted when tokens have been lazy minted
InitializedEmitted when the contract is initialized
PrimarySaleRecipientUpdatedEmitted when the primary sale recipient is updated
DefaultRoyaltyEmitted when the default royalty recipient is updated
PlatformFeeInfoUpdatedEmitted when the platform fee information is updated
RoleGrantedEmitted when a new role is granted (for contracts with the permissions extension)
OperatorRestrictionEmitted when the operation (e.g. function call) is restricted (e.g. to a specific role). This is emitted by contracts which implement the OperatorFilterer extension
OwnerUpdatedEmitted when the contract owner is updated