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Using dashboard you can deploy, interact with, and manage your contracts, configure storage, RPCs, Wallets and more.

The dashboard allows you to deploy or import any contract on an EVM-compatible network and manage settings.

Some actions enabled through dashboard:

  • Updating contract metadata
  • Uploading single or batch NFTs
  • Transferring, burning, or airdropping NFTs
  • Setting claim conditions (on contracts which implement the Claimable, Drop or DropSinglePhase extensions)
  • Managing contract permissions (on contracts which implement the Permissions extension)

Open Source

The dashboard is open-source. You can view the source code and contribute to it on GitHub.


Unlocking Dashboard Features

All contracts come with a set of default views, including:

For each contract you deploy using the dashboard or the CLI or import, you unlock features in the dashboard for each extension you implemented in your contract.