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Connect Users

Using the Connect UI components

If you're building a React website, React Native app, or Unity game you can use the prebuilt connect UI components to authenticate users and connect their wallets.

import {
} from "@thirdweb-dev/react";

export default function App() {
return (
<ConnectWallet />

Customize the connect UI

Choose authentication methods

By default, the connect UI supports Google, Apple, Facebook and email/password authentication. You can customize which authentication methods to support which will be reflected in the UI.

auth: {
options: ["email", "facebook", "apple", "google"],

Customize the selection and connection UI

the ConnectWallet component allows for overriding:

  • The name, icon and upsell links for the wallet
  • The selection UI - the UI before the users selects the wallet
  • The connection UI - the UI after the user selects the wallet
const embeddedWalletConfig = embeddedWallet();

// change the name = "...";
// change the icon
embeddedWalletConfig.meta.iconURL = "...";
// override connection UI
embeddedWalletConfig.connectUI = embeddedWalletConnectUI; // your react component
// custom selection UI
embeddedWalletConfig.selectUI = embeddedWalletSelectUI; // your react component

You can then pass the customized embeddedWalletConfig to the ThirdwebProvider component in supportedWallets. You can then use it with ConnectWallet component or useConnect hook as shown below

<ThirdwebProvider supportedWallets={[embeddedWalletConfig]}>
<ConnectWallet />