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Gasless Transactions

Attract a broader audience by removing the need to have gas to use your application. Engine offers multiple options for developers looking to sponsor gas for their users' transactions.

Use cases

  • Build an NFT checkout where the buyer is sent an NFT upon fiat payment.
  • Enable users to transfer an NFT to a friend or list an NFT on a marketplace.
  • Minimize frictino by seamlessly managing transactions for players in a web3 game.


Here are several ways to offer gasless transactions to your users.

Send transactions with backend wallets

If a transaction does not require the user to send it, a simple solution is sending the transaction from a backend wallet.


  • A user purchases an NFT with fiat from your checkout or marketplace. Your application accepts the payment and calls Engine to claim the NFT to the buyer's wallet.

Send transactions with smart wallets

Coming soon.