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Create blockchain-based games in your favorite game engine by using Gaming Kit to:

  • Connect to any wallet provider
  • Create player accounts
  • Interact with any smart contract
  • Create amazing gasless and frictionless experiences

GamingKit currently supports Unity with more engines coming soon.

Get Started

Follow our quickstart guide to get up and running with GamingKit.

Once installed you can connect and interact to your smart contract in just a few lines of code:

using Thirdweb;

ThirdwebSDK sdk = ThirdwebManager.Instance.SDK;
Contract contract = sdk.GetContract("0xEpicNFTContract");
List<NFT> nfts = await contract.ERC721.GetAll();

Manually Setup the SDK

If you're already familiar with Unity, download the latest release of the SDK from our GitHub.

Learn More

Discover how easy it is to integrate GamingKit: