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Contract Events

This interface provides a way to query past events or listen for future events on any contract. It's currently support on all pre-built and custom contracts!


// First get an instance of your contract
contract, _ := sdk.GetContract("0x...");

// Now, get all Transfer events from a specific block range
contract.Events.GetEvents("Transfer", thirdweb.EventQueryOptions{
FromBlock: 100000000,
ToBlock: 100000001,

// And setup a listener to listen for future Transfer events
contract.Events.AddEventListener("Transfer", func (event thirdweb.ContractEvent) {
fmt.Printf("%#v\n", event)
type ContractEvents struct {}

func (*ContractEvents) AddEventListener

func (events *ContractEvents) AddEventListener(ctx context.Context, eventName string, listener func(event ContractEvent)) EventSubscription

Add a listener to listen in the background for any future events of a specific type.

eventName: The name of the event to listen for

listener: The listener function that will be called whenever a new event is received

returns: An EventSubscription object that can be used to unsubscribe from the event or check for errors


// Define a listener function to be called whenever a new Transfer event is received
listener := func (event thirdweb.ContractEvent) {
fmt.Printf("%#v\n", event)

// Add a new listener for the Transfer event
subscription := contract.Events.AddEventListener(context.Background(), "Transfer", listener)

// Unsubscribe from the Transfer event at some time in the future, closing the listener

func (*ContractEvents) GetEvents

func (events *ContractEvents) GetEvents(ctx context.Context, eventName string, options EventQueryOptions) ([]ContractEvent, error)

Query past events of a specific type on the contract.

eventName: The name of the event to query for

options: The options to use when querying for events, including block range specifications and filters

returns: a list of ContractEvent objects that match the query


// First we define a filter to only get Transfer events where the "from" address is "0x..."
// Note that you can only add filters for indexed parameters on events
filters := map[string]interface{} {
"from": common.HexToAddress("0x...")

// Now we can define the query options, including the block range and the filter
queryOptions := thirdweb.EventQueryOptions{
FromBlock: 100000000, // Defaults to block 0 if you don't specify this field
ToBlock: 100000001, // Defaults to latest block if you don't specify this field
Filters: filters,

// Now we can query for the Transfer events
events, _ := contract.Events.GetEvents("Transfer", queryOptions)