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Mint an NFT Collection with TypeScript

· 3 min read
Raza Zaidi
Devin Rattray

This guide explains how to mint your own NFT. We will create an NFT Collection contract on the dashboard and mint an NFT from the SDK. We also need to connect a wallet. So if you don't have a wallet, make sure to sign up with MetaMask or CoinWallet. Here's our guide on how to create a Metamask Wallet.

Alright without further ado, let's mint an NFT.

Dashboard setup

The first thing we need to do is head over to the dashboard and create an NFT Collection contract.

Once the contract is created, it's time to mint our first NFT, but we don't need the dashboard for that! I mean we could, but why use GUI if we can use TypeScript!?

New NFT Collection contract viewed in the thirdweb dashboard

The code

1. Create a TypeScript file

Go ahead and create a new TypeScript file. Let's call it index.ts and open it in your favorite code editor. We'll use Visual Studio Code.

Next up use we'll install the ThirdWeb SDK using npm!

2. SDK installation and setup with TypeScript

  • @thirdweb-dev/sdk - thirdweb TypeScript SDK.
  • ethers - will give us very useful utils.
  • dotenv - to hide our private key.
  • typescript - since this is a TypeScript project
  • @types/node - typing for node as a dev dependency.
  • tslib - utility package
npm init -y
npm install @thirdweb-dev/sdk ethers dotenv
npm install --save-dev typescript @types/node ts-node tslib

In order to make use of our SDK, you need to establish a connection to a blockchain.

For this guide, you will need to instantiate the SDK using your own signer with thirdweb.

3. Define which contract to use

Now we need to define which contract we want to use. Here we created an NFT Collection contract and called it 'TypeScript'. This contract has an address. We need to pass the address here. You can find the address here, under 'TypeScript':

See NFT Collection contract address under contract name

In our index.ts we include the following code. First we define a variable nftCollectionAddress and store our contract address in here.

Then we create an object that uses the NFT Collection contract inside the sdk with our address.

// assign the NFT Collection address
const nftCollectionAddress = "0x8CeCAe3548f3844f68c07428E9Bbac50Ba887035";

// Instantiate NFT Collection contract
const nftCollection = sdk.getNftCollection(nftCollectionAddress);

4. Time to mint the NFT!

The arguments passed over here are the same as minting an NFT inside the dashboard. If you want to familiarize yourself with the process, check out the dashboard!

// Minting the NFT asynchronously
async function mint() {
name: "Hi 👋",
description: "If you are interested in...follow me✅",
image: "ipfs://QmbGpe6dJQA9awBbTKEULufp9TTjXw1esVUbZNQrLM57nK",
attributes: {},

// Running the entire thing

So the only thing left is to run our code! Open a terminal and paste the following:

# Runs the TypeScript file
npx ts-node index.ts

That's it!

You have minted your own NFT using thirdweb and the TypeScript SDK, you should be proud!