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Release an NFT drop with delayed reveal without writing any code

· 3 min read
Raza Zaidi

Mint your NFT now, but reveal it when you want to.

Sometimes we may want to have users mint an NFT, but reveal the contents of the NFT to the user later at a specific date.

You can add this functionality without writing any code through the thirdweb dashboard.

In this guide, we'll create a drop using the NFT Drop contract and opt to reveal them later. To do so, we will set up some conditions to reveal the NFTs in the dashboard.

This guide assumes you already know how to make a contract through the thirdweb dashboard.

Batch Upload Your NFTs

After creating either an NFT Drop or Edition Drop contract, click on Batch Upload on the top right of the dashboard.

Select batch upload

You will be prompted to upload your NFTs along with either a .csv or .json file that captures each NFT’s metadata.

In this project, the NFTs we are uploading are images, or more specifically .png files.


The .csv or .json file and images must be in the same folder when uploading.

Upload your files

Upon uploading, the dashboard will display all of your NFTs. Click Next if everything looks correct!

Preview your NFTs

Set the Delay Feature

On the next screen, we can finally choose how to reveal our NFTs. We have two options:

  • Reveal upon mint: Collectors will immediately see the final NFT when they complete the minting.
  • Delayed Reveal: Collectors will mint your placeholder image, then you reveal at a later time.

For this guide, we are going to choose Delayed Reveal.

Select Delayed Reveal

When you select Delayed Reveal, you will be prompted to create a password.


Remember or store your password somewhere safe. You will use this password to reveal the NFTs later.

Choose password to later reveal NFTs

After setting your password, upload your placeholder image, add a temporary name for the unrevealed NFTs, a description, and then click Upload when you are finished.

Enter placeholder image and metadata

When you return to the dashboard, your NFTs will be displayed with the placeholder data.

Dashboard shows unrevealed NFTs

Feel free to add the claim conditions and other settings on your drop.

When you are ready to reveal the NFTs you can click the Reveal NFTs button on your dashboard.

Select reveal your NFTs on dashboard

This action will prompt for the password you created in the previous step. Finally, it will prompt you to confirm a transaction on your wallet and pay the gas fees.

Your NFTs are now revealed. Happy minting!

That's it!

Congratulations! You've created an NFT collection with a reveal function. Show us the creative ways you use this functionality in our discord channel: #built-on-thirdweb