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thirdweb’s Launchpad minting solution is a set of tools that allow creators and developers to launch a wide assortment of NFT content and distribution strategies in a configurable, secure and scalable way.

Launchpad allows users to setup their NFT content and distribution strategy using a web3 API where users own and control their smart contracts. In addition, thirdweb is a web3 architecture that doesn’t require a custodian that sits between the user and their digital assets.

What You Can Build

The thirdweb Launchpad can be used to to build different NFT strategies including:

  • 1-of-1 collections
  • Membership NFTs
  • POAP’s and Soulbound tokens
  • Open Editions
  • Lootboxes for communities and games
  • Airdrops
  • Free mints
  • Creating bundles of NFTs that can be sold together


The key features of Launchpad are:

  • Flexibility in choosing different NFT types including 1-of-1 collections, editions, loot boxes, on-demand/dynamic and specialized NFT’s available in thirdweb’s on-chain smart contract registry (Explore)
  • “Build once” and deploy to over 700 blockchains supported by thirdweb
  • A non-custodial ownership model that allows users to own their own NFT smart contracts
  • Automatic uploading of media assets and NFT metadata to decentralized storage
  • A broad set of options for distributing NFTs including claimable drops, airdrops and on-demand signature minting
  • Control over access to mints by start/end time, private allow lists, overrides for certain users, public mints, open editions, limiting supply and delayed reveals
  • Options for delivering free/gasless mints to users
  • Analytics via a Dashboard and API for balances, gas spent, transactions and owners


Minting Architecture

Deployment Options

The thirdweb minting solution offers multiple configurations for integration into applications:


The thirdweb Dashboard is a live example of Launchpad in action. Users can select and deploy smart contracts via Explore and use the Dashboard UI to configure their NFT mints.

Dashboard uses the same thirdweb SDK’s referenced in this document and is available as an open source github repo (link)