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Setting Up NFT Access with Claim Phases

The rules for determining time windows, price, currency and allow list access is controlled via Claim Conditions. In addition, users can opt for open editions or applying supply limits during any time window.

Setting claim phases on the dashboard

Applications can use the SDK to control these parameters.

// setup all the claim phases
const presaleStartTime = new Date();
const publicSaleStartTime = new Date( + 60 * 60 * 24 * 1000);
const claimConditions = [
startTime: presaleStartTime, // start the presale now
maxQuantity: 2, // limit how many mints for this presale
price: 0.01, // presale price
snapshot: ['0x...', '0x...'], // limit minting to only certain addresses
startTime: publicSaleStartTime, // 24h after presale, start public sale
price: 0.08, // public sale price

// set the claim conditions
await contract.erc721.claimConditions.set(claimConditions);