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thirdweb’s mobile solution is a set of developer tools and SDK’s that make it easy to integrate web3 features into iOS and Android applications.

What You Can Build

Mobile solution can be used to build different web3 experiences across a variety of mobile application categories.


  • Add web3 assets and experiences into casual and social games
  • Incorporate blockchain based digital collectibles
  • Access web3 marketplaces

Content & Streaming

  • Provide token gated access to content
  • Reward user engagement with digital collectibles
  • Create a new platform for creators to engage and monetize their audiences

Mobile e-commerce

  • Sell digital collectibles
  • Launch customer loyalty reward programs
  • Provide token gated access and discounts for merchandise and other products

Events and Ticketing

  • NFT tickets
  • Claimable digital collectibles for event attendees
  • Exclusive event/ticket access via token gating


The key features of thirdweb’s Mobile Solution are:

  • A fully featured React Native SDK that supports tokens, NFTs and marketplaces
  • Unity SDK (iOS, Android)
  • Wallet SDK for integrating embeddable wallet and payment services that allow customers to easily register with email/social login and purchase with a credit card
  • Integration with existing e-commerce platforms (Shopify)
  • Flexibility in choosing different digital collectible types including 1-of-1 collections, editions, loot boxes, on-demand/dynamic and specialized NFT’s available in thirdweb’s on-chain smart contract registry (Explore)
  • A broad set of distribution options including claimable drops, airdrops as well as ability for mobile app publishers to subsidize all crypto payments via a gasless relayers service
  • Tools to bridge existing customer profile data sources with customer on-chain profiles
  • Analytics via a Dashboard and API
  • “Build once” and deploy to over 4000 blockchains supported by thirdweb