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thirdweb is a comprehensive development framework that empowers you to seamlessly build, launch, and manage web3 applications and games across any EVM-compatible blockchain.


Whether you're developing decentralized applications from scratch or enhancing existing ones, Our tool suite accelerates your development workflow across the smart contract, application, and infrastructure layers.


Smart Contracts

Smart contracts serve as the foundational building blocks for any decentralized application. We conduct audits on our pre-built contracts to ensure the highest quality and security level. We also optimize contracts for gas efficiency, minimizing transaction costs. By prioritizing these technical considerations, developers can focus on creating exceptional web3 applications with confidence and ease.

thirdweb is designed to integrate with any contract on any blockchain seamlessly. With the Solidity SDK, you can quickly build and customize smart contracts while enabling extensions to unlock more functionality. Whether you're deploying your smart contract, without using a private key, with the Deploy CLI command, importing an already deployed contract, or exploring pre-built contracts through Explore, it streamlines the first steps of decentralized development. Upon deployment, using Dashboard, you can easily manage your smart contract and track its performance through Data Feeds.


thirdweb offers software development kits (SDKs) that allow seamless integration with your smart contract when developing applications or games using popular programming languages such as React, React Native, TypeScript, Python, Go, and Unity.

Our SDKs detected the extensions or common Ethereum patterns and standards (i.e., ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155) used in your smart contract and provide extra functionality to allow you to build your application with ease. For example, if your contract uses the ERC-721 extension, our SDKs will provide you with a set of functions to easily interact with your contract's NFTs. Additionally, our SDKs enable wallet connectivity and provide specialized sets of functionality for remote procedure call (RPC) URLs, and an IPFS Gateway.

These features optimize performance and enhance developer experience when building decentralized applications.


thirdweb offers a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies to facilitate the development of user-friendly and accessible decentralized applications. Our infrastructure includes options for fiat on-ramps, wallet integrations, and gasless relayers, providing seamless end-user experiences.

In addition, we provide built-in storage solutions and RPCs to optimize application performance and decentralization. Our indexer and Data Feeds enable easy integration of your contract's data into your application.

Our Auth SDK is designed to support decentralized login and seamless integration with client and server frameworks. This feature allows developers to build secure and user-friendly decentralized applications that can easily be deployed and integrated with other applications.


We are committed to providing complete toolkits for developers across various industries, including gaming, e-commerce, finance, art, social media, and more. Our solutions toolkits incorporate a range of tools and technologies, proprietary and in partnership with industry leaders.

GamingKit, developed in partnership with Coinbase, offers a streamlined approach to building blockchain-based games. It includes pre-built contracts such as Marketplace, Multiwrap, Packs, Tokens, and more, and a Unity SDK to build your game. GamingKit also enables easy fiat on-ramp solutions via Coinbase Pay.

Similarly, CommerceKit, developed in collaboration with Shopify, enables the creation of blockchain-based storefronts that can reward customers with digital assets. The toolkit includes features for enabling token-gated commerce, loyalty programs, and easy configuration tools for digital collectible sales/royalty fees.

Our Minting solution enables creative minting mechanics and managing digital assets created on both EVM Contracts and Solana's programs. It includes tools for signature-based minting, releasing collections of unique NFTs, wrapping tokens into newly wrapped NFTs, randomized loot boxes, and more.