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thirdweb is a comprehensive development framework that empowers you to seamlessly build, launch, and manage web3 applications and games across any EVM-compatible blockchain.


Whether you're developing decentralized applications from scratch or enhancing existing ones, our tool suite accelerates your development workflow across the smart contract, application, and infrastructure layers.



Onboard, manage and authenticate users with thirdweb's wallet integrations.

1. Create Wallets

2. Connect Wallets

  • Connect Wallet: a pre-built component that can be easily integrated into your application. Languages include:
  • Wallet SDK: allows you to build a fully featured wallet solution or integrate an existing wallet provider with thirdweb's Typescript, React, React Native, and Unity SDKs.

3. Authenticate Users

Auth is a developer SDK that lets you integrate passwordless web3-native authentication and authorization into your applications.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts serve as the foundational building blocks for any decentralized application. thirdweb is designed to integrate with any contract on any blockchain seamlessly.

1. Build Smart Contracts

thirdweb offers two tools to help you build your smart contract, including:

  • Solidity SDK: build and customize smart contracts and add extensions to unlock extra functionality in your contract and therefore the SDKs.
  • Pre-Built Contracts: 1 click deploy contracts written by the thirdweb team and cover the most common use cases for smart contracts.

2. Explore Pre-Built Contracts

Explore thirdweb's pre-built contracts and easily deploy your contract from the Dashboard. A full list of the available contracts can be found in the pre-built contracts documentation.

3. Deploy Smart Contracts

4. Publish Smart Contracts

Make your smart contract available for others to deploy by publishing it using the CLI. Either use the "direct deploy" or "factory" methods to publish your contract to allow users to deploy either a full smart contract or a proxy respectively. For more information, see the publish documentation.

5. Interact with Smart Contracts

  • Dashboard: Upon deploying or importing your contract, using the Dashboard, you can easily manage your smart contract and track its performance through Data Feeds.
  • Contract SDK: [software development kits] (SDKs) that allow seamless integration with your smart contract when developing applications or games using popular programming languages include:

Our SDKs and Dashboard detect the extensions or common Ethereum patterns and standards (e.g., ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155) used in your smart contract and provide extra functionality to allow you to build your application with ease. For example, if your contract uses the ERC-721 extension, our SDKs will provide you with a set of functions to easily interact with your contract's NFTs.

These features optimize performance and enhance developer experience when building decentralized applications.


Connect your application to decentralized networks.


  • Storage SDK: Store files from IPFS using the Storage SDK.
  • Gateway: Retrieve files from IPFS using the Gateway.

RPC Edge

thirdweb's RPC Edge is a high-performance, scalable, and reliable RPC service that provides a connection to any EVM-compatible blockchain.

Account Abstraction Infrastructure


Paper Checkouts delivers the easiest NFT checkout experience: a simple premise with deep complexity abstracted away from you and your buyers.