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Factory Contracts

Another way to let users deploy your contracts is by using a factory contract. This allows you to not only provide cheap deployments, but also to add extra logic that will be executed when others deploy your contracts.

Publishing factory contracts

To enable factory deploys, you will need to deploy a factory contract that implements the IContractFactory interface. This is a simple interface with one function that you can implement to add deploy contracts any way you like, and add your custom logic on top. This is extremely useful when deploying a contract requires multiple steps, having the factory take care of the heavy lifting.

Fill in the addresses of your factory contracts on each chain. This means you need to deploy your implementations like for proxy, but also add your factory addresses.

Factory Contract Address Form

Click the "Next" button and fill out the details of the parameters on your contract.

Help users trying to deploy your smart contract by providing a display name, default value, and description of each contract parameter.

Describe Constructor Parameters

Finally to publish your contract, click the "Publish Contract" button.

Publish Contract

That's it, now when people click deploy from your published contract page, your factory function will be invoked.