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ThirdwebProviderProps interface

The possible props for the ThirdwebProvider.


export interface ThirdwebProviderProps<TSupportedChain extends SupportedChain = SupportedChain>


authConfig?ThirdwebAuthConfig(BETA) (Optional) The configuration used for thirdweb auth usage. Enables users to login to backends with their wallet.
autoConnect?boolean(Optional) Whether or not to attempt auto-connect to a wallet.
chainRpc?Partial<ChainRpc<TSupportedChain>>(Optional) A partial map of chainIds to rpc urls to use for certain chains If not provided, will default to the rpcUrls of the chain objects for the supported chains
dAppMeta?DAppMetaData(Optional) Metadata to pass to wallet connect and walletlink wallet connect. (Used to show *which* dApp is being connected to in mobile wallets that support it) Defaults to just the name being passed as thirdweb powered dApp.
desiredChainIdTSupportedChain extends Chain ? TSupportedChain["id"] : TSupportedChain | undefinedThe chainId that your dApp is running on. While this *can* be undefined it is required to be passed. Passing undefined will cause no SDK to be instantiated. When passing a chainId, it **must** be part of the supportedChains array.
queryClient?QueryClient(BETA) (Optional) The react-query client to use. (Defaults to a default client.)
sdkOptions?SDKOptions(Optional) The to pass to the thirdweb SDK comes with sensible defaults
storageInterface?ThirdwebStorage(Optional) The storage interface to use with the sdk.
supportedChains?TSupportedChain[](Optional) An array of chainIds or objects that the dApp supports If not provided, all chains supported by the SDK will be supported by default
walletConnectors?WalletConnector[](Optional) An array of connector types (strings) or wallet connector objects that the dApp supports If not provided, will default to metamask (injected), wallet connect and walletlink (coinbase wallet) with sensible defaults