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usePack() function

Warning: This API is now obsolete.

This hook is deprecated and will be removed in a future major version. You should use instead.

- const pack = usePack("0x1234...");
+ const pack = useContract("0x1234...", "pack").contract;

Hook for getting an instance of a Pack contract. This contract supports the creation of on-chain luck-based lootboxes.


import { useContract } from '@thirdweb-dev/react'

export default function Component() {
const { contract } = usePack("<YOUR-CONTRACT-ADDRESS>", "pack")

// Now you can use the pack contract in the rest of the component

// For example, this function will get all the packs on this contract
async function getPacks() {
const packs = await contract.getAll()
return packs



export declare function usePack(
contractAddress: RequiredParam<string>,
): import("@thirdweb-dev/sdk").Pack | undefined;


contractAddressRequiredParam<string>the address of the Pack contract, found in your thirdweb dashboard


import("@thirdweb-dev/sdk").Pack | undefined