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useSignatureDrop() function

Warning: This API is now obsolete.

use useContract() instead

Hook for getting an instance of an SignatureDrop contract. This contract is meant to interface with ERC721 compliant NFTs that can be lazily minted.


import { useSignatureDrop } from '@thirdweb-dev/react'

export default function Component() {
const signatureDrop = useSignatureDrop("<YOUR-CONTRACT-ADDRESS>")

// Now you can use the Signature drop contract in the rest of the component

// For example, this function will let the connected wallet claim a new NFT
async function claim(quantity) {
await signatureDrop.claim(quantity)



export declare function useSignatureDrop(
contractAddress?: string,
): SignatureDrop | undefined;


contractAddressstring(Optional) the address of the NFT Drop contract, found in your thirdweb dashboard


SignatureDrop | undefined