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thirdweb Storage

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Best in class decentralized storage SDK for Browser and Node


Install the latest version of the SDK with either npm or yarn:

npm install @thirdweb-dev/storage
yarn add @thirdweb-dev/storage

Quick Start

Once you have the Thirdweb Storage SDK installed, you can use it to easily upload and download files and other data using decentralized storage systems.

Here's a simple example using the SDK to upload and download a file from IPFS:

import { ThirdwebStorage } from "@thirdweb-dev/storage";

// First, instantiate the SDK
const storage = new ThirdwebStorage();

// Now we can upload a file and get the upload URI
const file = readFileSync("path/to/file.jpg");
const uri = await storage.upload(file);

// Finally we can download the file data again
const res = await;
const data = await res.text();

Alternatively, we can use the SDK to upload and download metadata and JSON objects, and we can also upload multiple items at once:

// We define metadata for 2 different NFTs
const metadata = [
name: "NFT #1",
description: "This is my first NFT",
image: readFileSync("path/to/file.jpg"),
properties: {
coolness: 100,
name: "NFT #2",
description: "This is my second NFT",
image: readFileSync("path/to/file.jpg"),
properties: {
coolness: 200,

// And now we can upload it all at once to a single directory
const uris = await storage.uploadBatch(metadata);

// And easily retrieve the metadata
const metadata = await storage.downloadJSON(uris);

Learn More

You can learn more about thirdweb and the Storage SDK with the following resources: