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Build a DAO using thirdweb's vote, token, and edition drop contracts.

To create a new project using this template, use the thirdweb CLI:

npx thirdweb create --template dao

Using this template

This is the repository for the Buildspace x thirdweb course on "Build your own DAO with just Javascript in a weekend"!

You can find the course here:


  • Vote Contract: To orchestrate votes and view proposals for members of the DAO, using the governance token created in the token contract.

  • Token Contract: To act as the governance token for the DAO, which is required to participate in the voting process.

  • Edition Drop Contract: To mint NFTs for the DAO using the same asset (i.e. a membership card NFT)

Using This Repo

To get started with this repo, you'll need to deploy your own:

  1. Token Contract
  2. Vote Contract
  3. Edition Drop Contract

Then, clone this example project by running:

npx thirdweb create --template dao

Replace the addresses in App.jsx with your own contract addresses.

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