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Hardhat thirdweb Deploy App

Build an application on top of a custom contract using the thirdweb SDK

To create a new project using this template, use the thirdweb CLI:

npx thirdweb create --template hardhat-thirdweb-deploy-app

Using this template

This template extends from the Greeter contract template by building an application on top of the smart contract.

Tools used in this template:

To learn more about the contract, check out this template.

Run the Application:

To run the web application, change directories into application:

cd application

Then, run the development server:

npm install # Install dependencies first

npm run dev

Visit the application at http://localhost:3000/.

How to use this template

This template has two components:

  1. The smart contract development in the contract folder.
  2. The web application in the application folder.

Deploying the contract

To deploy the Greeter contract, change directories into the contract folder:

cd contract

Use thirdweb deploy to deploy the contract:

npm install # Install dependencies first
npx thirdweb deploy

Complete the deployment flow by clicking the generated link and using the thirdweb dashboard to choose your network and configuration.

Using Your Contract

Inside the home page of the web application, connect to your smart contract inside the useContract hook:

// Get the smart contract by it's address
const { contract } = useContract("0x..."); // Your contract address here (from the thirdweb dashboard)

We configure the desired blockchain/network in the _app.js file; be sure to change this to the network you deployed your contract to.

// This is the chainId your dApp will work on.
const activeChainId = ChainId.Goerli;

Now we can easily call the functions of our Greeter contract, such as the greet and setGreeting contract by using the useContractData hook to read, and the useContractCall hook to write data.

// Read the current greeting
const { data: currentGreeting, isLoading } = useContractData(contract, "greet");

// Write a new greeting
const { mutate: writeGreeting, isLoading: isWriting } = useContractCall(

Connecting to user wallets

To perform a "write" operation (a transaction on the blockchain), we need to have a connected wallet, so we can use their signer to sign the transaction.

To connect a user's wallet, we use one of thirdweb's wallet connection hooks. The SDK automatically detects the connected wallet and uses it to sign transactions. This works because our application is wrapped in the ThirdwebProvider, as seen in the _app.js file.

What's next?

Learn how to use thirdweb's Contract Extensions to create your own NFT Collection smart contract + application in our next template.