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Signature Drop

Use the signature drop pre-built contract to claim NFTs under a claim phase as well as claim using signature-based minting!

To create a new project using this template, use the thirdweb CLI:

npx thirdweb create --template signature-drop

Using this template

This example shows how you can use the Signature Drop Pre-Built Contract to utilize both the claim function to claim NFTs under the criteria of a claim condition, as well as the Signature-based minting feature to offer free NFT mints to specific users simultaneously.

We allow users who hold one of our Early Access NFTs to mint the NFT for free, by generating a mint signature from the admin wallet on the server-side. Whereas users who don't hold one of the NFTs do not qualify for the mint signature, but can still mint an NFT from the drop using the regular claim.


  • Signature Drop to lazy mint NFTs for other wallets to claim.
  • React SDK to connect to user's wallets and interact with the smart contract.

Create Your Own

You can create a project using this example with the thirdweb CLI by running the below command:

npx thirdweb create --template signature-drop

Export your wallet's private key and add it to an .env.local file in your project directory.



Let's explore the key areas of the application and how the code works.

Connecting to user's wallets and our contract

We wrap our application in the ThirdwebProvider component in the _app.tsx file.

// This is the chainId your dApp will work on.
const activeChainId = ChainId.Goerli;

function MyApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
return (
<ThirdwebProvider desiredChainId={activeChainId}>
<Component {...pageProps} />
<ThirdwebGuideFooter />

Now we can utilize all of the functionality of the React SDK to connect to the user's wallets and their network on the index.tsx file.

const address = useAddress();
const connectWithMetamask = useMetamask();
const isMismatch = useNetworkMismatch();
const [, switchNetwork] = useNetwork();

We then connect to our signature drop contract by using its contract address:

const signatureDrop = useSignatureDrop(

Claiming NFTs

To claim NFTs the typical way, we use the claimTo function:

const tx = await signatureDrop?.claimTo(address, 1);

Signature-Based Minting NFTs

Signature-based minting is a three-step process:

  1. The user requests a mint signature.
  2. Admin wallet (on the server) approves (or denies) the claim request of the user based on any criteria the admin chooses and sends back a mint signature when they approve.
  3. The user uses the mint signature to claim NFTs from the signature drop.

Firstly, we request a mint signature from the API:

const signedPayloadReq = await fetch(`/api/generate-mint-signature`, {
method: "POST",
body: JSON.stringify({
address: address,

Then, on the server-side API route, we make a check to see if the user qualifies for the mint signature by checking to see if they own any early access NFTs:

// De-construct body from request
const { address } = JSON.parse(req.body);

// Get the Early Access NFT Edition Drop contract
const polygonSDK = new ThirdwebSDK("polygon");
const earlyAccessNfts = polygonSDK.getEditionDrop(

// Check to see if the wallet address has an early access NFT
const numTokensInCollection = await earlyAccessNfts.getTotalCount();
let userHasToken = false;
// Check each token in the Edition Drop
for (let i = 0; i < numTokensInCollection.toNumber(); i++) {
// See if they have the token
const balance = await earlyAccessNfts.balanceOf(address, i);
if (balance.toNumber() > 0) {
userHasToken = true;

If they do, we generate a mint signature from the admin wallet on the server-side:

  // Now use the SDK on Goerli to get the signature drop
const goerliSDK = ThirdwebSDK.fromPrivateKey(
process.env.PRIVATE_KEY as string,
const signatureDrop = goerliSDK.getSignatureDrop(

// If the user has an early access NFT, generate a mint signature
if (userHasToken) {
const mintSignature = await signatureDrop.signature.generate({
to: address, // Can only be minted by the address we checked earlier
price: "0", // Free!
mintStartTime: new Date(0), // now

} else {
message: "User does not have an early access NFT",

When this is done, we handle it on the client-side, by showing an error alert if they didn't qualify, or continuing to use this mint signature to claim an NFT if they did:

if (signedPayloadReq.status === 400) {
"Looks like you don't own an early access NFT :( You don't qualify for the free mint"
} else {
try {
const signedPayload =
(await signedPayloadReq.json()) as SignedPayload721WithQuantitySignature;

const nft = await signatureDrop?;

alert(`Succesfully minted NFT!`);
} catch (error: any) {

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