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thirdweb Stripe

Subscription based payments for web3 apps using thirdweb authentication and stripe

To create a new project using this template, use the thirdweb CLI:

npx thirdweb create --template thirdweb-stripe

Using this template

This project demonstrates an example flow for setting up subscription based payments for web3 apps using thirdweb wallet authentication and Stripe.

It enables traditional SaaS business models for web3 apps where products can offer protected services that require subscriptions to access.

Below is a visual breakdown and explanation of how the whole flow works:

This is an example of the power that the wallet authentication flow offers for web3 apps as it allows any web3 application to use any web2 service without any added dependency on third party services.

Runnning the Example

In order to run this example project, we'll need to setup a few pieces. First, we'll need to store environment variables for the admin wallet to use for authentication on the backend (to learn more about how wallet authentication works, you can checkout the Wallet Authentication Documentation). Additionally, we'll need to setup a Stripe account and configure a product on the Stripe dashboard to use for our subscription.

Setup Thirdweb

To run the project, first clone this repository, and then run one of the following commands to install the dependencies:

npm install
# or
yarn install

Next, you need to create a .env.local file and add the ADMIN_PRIVATE_KEY variable to it with the private key of the wallet you want to use as the admin wallet to generate and verify payloads. Your file should use something like the following:


Since we are using the thirdweb authentication flow, we'll also need to specify a domain in our environment variables for both our client and server sides to use. This domain should be the url of your client side application and is used to prevent phishing attacks. We can add it to the NEXT_PUBLIC_AUTH_DOMAIN variable in our .env.local file.


Finally, you can run the project with one of the following commands:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Now, you can navigate to http://localhost:3000 to visit the client side page where you can connect a wallet and authenticate.

Setup Stripe

Now that we've setup our thirdweb app with authentication, we need to setup Stripe to handle payments.

1. Setup Stripe Account

The first step to setting up our payments is to create an account with Stripe. From here, you can log in to the Stripe dashboard and find your Stripe Secret Key (your publishable and secret keys should be on the main page of the dashboard, and should start with pk_test_ and sk_test_ respectively).

You can paste the secret key into the .env file as well:


2. Setup Stripe Product

Next, we need to setup a new product in Stripe with a default subscription price. You can do this by heading to the stripe dashboard and navigating to Payments > Subscriptions > Create Pricing and follow through the flow.

Now we can find the ID of our new product pricing by navigating to the Products tab and clicking into the newly created product, where there should be a setup price obejct with an API ID to copy (the ID should start with price_).

We can add this price ID to our .env file as well:


3. Subscribing

Now everything we need is setup to use our application. We can run yarn dev or npm run dev to start the application and then navigate to localhost:3000. From here, we can connect our wallet, login, and then click the subcribe button to subscribe to our product and go through stripes flow. Once we are redirected back to the original page, we can verify that the subscription was created successfully by clicking the check subcription button, and the subscription should also show up in the Stripe dashboard.

Browse the Source Code

As previously mentioned, this project uses wallet authentication along with Stripe to enable subscriptions to web3 apps. All the important code in this project is fully documented to help you understand how it works. The following are the relevant files for each piece of the flow to help you understand everything:

  • /pages/api/auth - Wallet Authentication - This folder contains all the code used for authenticating a wallet to the backend. Users can login to the backend by using the /api/auth/login endpoint which verifies their wallet address and issues a secure cookie to the frontend which is used to authenticate the user on all future requests. Every other endpoint checks for and validates this cookie to make sure that the user is logged in.
  • /pages/api/stripe - Stripe Payments - This folder contains the backend endpoints that authenticate the connected user, create a new Stripe customer with the associated wallet address, and generate a Stripe checkout link to send to the frontend, as well as the endpoint that verifies if a user is subscribed.
  • /hooks - Frontend Hooks - Here you'll find the frontend hooks handling the requests made to the backend for authentication and for using Stripe checkout.

Learn More

To learn more about thirdweb and Next.js, take a look at the following resources:

You can check out the thirdweb GitHub organization - your feedback and contributions are welcome!

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