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Migration Guide

If you are looking to upgrade from an earlier version of the SDK, below are the breaking changes that you should be aware of between each version.

Upgrading to Version 3

Version 3 of the SDK introduces a significant (87%) reduction in package size and first-class support for using custom contracts with the SDK. Learn more about why we made these changes and how it improves the SDK in our blog post.

Getting Contracts is now Async

The getContract and similar functions such as getNFTDrop or getMarketplace are now asynchronous. This means that you will need to await the result of these functions before using them.


- const contract = getContract("0x...")
+ const contract = await getContract("0x...")


- const contract = getNFTDrop("0x...")
+ const contract = await getNFTDrop("0x...")

New Contract Namespaces

When working with contracts, we now expose all the convenient high-level APIs for each ERC standard top level. Calling a function that is not supported in your contract will give you an error with instructions on how to unlock that functionality.

// ERC721 contracts
- const contract.nft?.drop?.claim?.to(...)
+ const contract.erc721.claimTo(...)
- const contract.nft?.drop?.claim?.conditions.set(...)
+ const contract.erc721.claimConditions.set(...)

// ERC1155 contracts
- const contract.edition?.mint?.to(...)
+ const contract.erc1155.mintTo(...)

// ERC20 contracts
- const contract.token?.burn.tokens(...)
+ const contract.erc20.burn(...)