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The ThirdwebSDK is the entry point to all functionality of the Unity SDK.

You can initialize the SDK on your desired chain through the ThirdwebManager MonoBehaviour or manually instantiate it. Use the instance to access the different methods and properties of the SDK.


Using ThirdwebManager

The ThirdwebManager MonoBehaviour provides a convenient and customizable way to instantiate and manage the ThirdwebSDK. By attaching this script to a GameObject in your initial scene and using DontDestroyOnLoad(), the SDK remains instantiated throughout your game's lifecycle.

Please refer to the ThirdwebManager guide for detailed instructions on how to configure the manager.

Once ThirdwebManager is set up and the game starts, it will instantiate the ThirdwebSDK based on your settings. You can access the instantiated SDK from other scripts using:

ThirdwebSDK sdk = ThirdwebManager.Instance.SDK;

Manual Instantiation

Provide the name of a default chain, or your own custom RPC URL of any EVM-compatible blockchain to instantiate the SDK.

View default chains
  • Ethereum: "ethereum"
  • Goerli: "goerli"
  • Polygon: "polygon"
  • Mumbai: "mumbai"
  • Arbitrum One: "arbitrum"
  • Arbitrum Goerli: "arbitrum-goerli"
  • Optimism: "optimism"
  • Optimism Goerli Testnet: "optimism-goerli"
  • Binance SmartChain: "binance"
  • Binance SmartChain Testnet: "binance-testnet"
  • Fantom Opera: "fantom"
  • Fantom Testnet: "fantom-testnet"
  • Avalanche C Chain: "avalanche-fuji"
  • Avalanche Fuji Testnet: "avalanche-fuji-testnet"
ThirdwebSDK sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("ethereum", {
clientId = myClientId // you can get client id from dashboard settings



The blockchain you want to instantiate the SDK on.

Provide the name of a default chain (see above), or your own custom RPC URL of any EVM-compatible blockchain.

ThirdwebSDK sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("https://my-rpc-url");


The chain ID of the blockchain you want to instantiate the SDK on.

ThirdwebSDK sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("goerli", 5);



To use the Unity SDK, you need to pass a clientId option which you can obtain from an API key from the Dashboard.

You can use gasless transactions to forward all transactions to a relayer.

Currently supports OpenZeppelin Defender relayers.

ThirdwebSDK sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("goerli", 5, new ThirdwebSDK.Options()
clientId = "my-client-id", // you can get client id from dashboard settings
// Gasless configuration options
gasless = new ThirdwebSDK.GaslessOptions()
// OpenZeppelin Defender options
openzeppelin = new ThirdwebSDK.OZDefenderOptions()
relayerUrl = "open-zeppelin-relayer-url", // Your OZ Defender relayer URL
relayerForwarderAddress = "0x...", // The OZ defender relayer address
domainName = "domain-name", // The domain name for the forwarder
domainVersion = "domain-version" // The version of the forwarder domain

// Storage configuration options
storage = new ThirdwebSDK.StorageOptions()
ipfsGatewayUrl = "" // Override the default IPFS gateway URL

// Wallet configuration options
wallet = new ThirdwebSDK.WalletOptions()
appName = "My App", // The name of the app that will be displayed in different wallet providers
appDescription = "App Description", // The description of the app
appUrl = "", // The URL of the app
appIcons = new string[] { "", "" }, // An array of URLs for app icons
magicLinkApiKey = "magic-link-api-key", // The API key for Magic Link authentication
walletConnectProjectId = "wallet-connect-project-id", // The project ID for WalletConnect authentication
extras = new Dictionary<string, object>()
{ "foo", "bar" } // Additional data to pass to the wallet provider

// Smart wallet configuration options
smartWalletConfig = new ThirdwebSDK.SmartWalletConfig()
factoryAddress = "factory-address", // The address of the factory contract for smart wallets
gasless = true, // Indicates whether gasless (paymaster) transactions are enabled
bundlerUrl = "bundler-url", // The URL of the bundler service (optional)
paymasterUrl = "paymaster-url", // The URL of the paymaster service (optional)
entryPointAddress = "entry-point-address" // The address of the entry point contract (optional)