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Auth enables wallet-based authentication flows for you to:

  • Verify the wallet address of your users on the server
  • Restrict access to content/resources based on a user's wallet information
  • Introduce web3 authentication to web2 applications where users can log in with their wallets
npm install @thirdweb-dev/auth

What can you do with Auth?

Enable use cases that require user wallet addresses on the backend, such as:

  • Authentication: Allow users to log in to your backends and services with just their wallet
  • Subscriptions & Payments: Allow users to make subscriptions and payments tied to their on-chain identity
  • Verify On-chain Identities: Verify the on-chain identities of your existing users to unlock web3 experiences
  • Token Gating: Securely gate content and only give access to users with necessary access (like token ownership)

Framework Integrations

Integration Examples

Usage Examples

Explore real-world examples of adding Auth to your application: