Connect SDK v5 Stable Release

Samina Kabir

We are thrilled to officially release Connect SDK v5, the latest update to our client-side SDKs. This new version brings a major performance upgrade, simplified installation, and interoperability with other web3 libraries — a highly requested feature from our users.

What’s new in Connect v5?

  • Supported Wallets: We now have native support for over 350 wallets when using ConnectButton, ConnectEmbed, or even when building your own custom experience
  • Performance Enhancements: This version performs on average 10x faster and bundles 30x lighter than previous versions of the SDK. See benchmarks.
  • Single package: Developers only need to install one package to access all web3 tools. Installation is now as simple as npm install thirdweb.
  • Pay Support: Support crypto to crypto transactions with the new Pay feature within Connect SDK. See documentation.
  • Interoperable: Works side-by-side with other popular libraries and frameworks such as ethers v5, ethers v6, viem, and prior versions of the thirdweb SDK.

Get started

  1. Install v5 via the CLI
npm install thirdweb@5
  1. (Recommended) Obtain a client Id using the thirdweb dashboard and pass the client to methods to get performant RPC on all chains, download/upload to IPFS, and more.
import { createThirdwebClient } from "thirdweb";
const client = createThirdwebClient({
clientId: "<your_client_id>",



Is v5 backwards compatible?

v5 is a brand new API but it can be used side-by-side with v4 as it is a a separate package

Can I gradually migrate to v5 instead of all at once?

Yes, v5 is interoperable with prior versions of the SDK and we recommend migrating to the new functions. Please see our migration guide to assist you.

Do you support [x] wallet in the new version?

See our list of supported wallets.

Where can I find [x] feature in the new version?

Most features from v4 are ported to v5 and we are continually adding more in the coming weeks. If you are unable to find the specific functionality, please raise a GitHub issue and we will be able to assist you.

Share your feedback!

Your feedback is critical to us as we strive to improve our Connect SDKs. If you have an issues, feature requests, or other feedback — we recommend raising an issue on GitHub.

For any other inquiries, please visit our support site.