Deprecation Notice: Linea Goerli Testnet

Samina Kabir

The Linea Goerli testnet, supported by Linea, will be discontinued effective May 31, 2024. This significant update will impact thirdweb’s products and services, including the SDK, Paymaster, Embedded Wallet, contracts, and all other offerings relying on the Linea Goerli testnet.

Implications for Users:

  • Contract Deployment: Post-deprecation, it will not be possible to deploy new contracts on Linea Goerli
  • Contract Interaction: Existing contracts on Linea Goerli will not be accessible or manageable through the dashboard, SDKs, or any other tools.
  • Service Interruptions: Services such as the Embedded wallets, RPC Edge, and the Account abstraction infrastructure including Bundler / Paymaster will cease for Linea Goerli.


Why is Linea Goerli testnet being phased out?

Discover the reasons behind this decision from the official Linea documentation.

What are the alternatives?

We recommend migrating your contracts to Linea Sepolia testnet.

Chain Information:

View full chain information on our chainlist.

What will happen to existing contracts?

Contracts currently hosted on Linea Goerli will be unsupported, rendering them inactive and non-interactable.

Deadline for service termination?

All support for Linea Goerli will cease at 12:00 AM PST on May 31, 2024


We recognize the challenges posed by such changes and are prepared to assist you throughout this transition. For any queries or additional information, please feel free to visit our support page and submit a ticket.