Embedded Wallets for Web, Mobile and Games

Joaquim Verges

We just launched Embedded Wallets for all platforms!

Embedded wallets lets your users login with just an email or a google account, and automatically obtain a wallet that is ready to use across any device.


  • Modular, Composable & Customizable: Email login, social login, and bring-your-own auth.
  • Cross platform: Works seamlessly accross Web, Mobile (React Native) and Games (Unity).
  • Enable Gasless Transactions: When you combine embedded wallets with smart wallets, users do not require crypto to interact with the blockchain.
  • Security: No single point of failure. Private keys cannot be reconstructed by thirdweb or any developer without user authentication. The only owner of the wallet is the end user.
  • Connect To Other Web3 Apps: Your application's embedded wallet users can use the My Wallets page to sign in to their wallet, and connect to web3 apps via WalletConnect.
  • View & Transfer NFTs: Buyers can visit the My Wallets page to view and transfer NFTs in their Embedded Wallets. We cover all gas fees related to transferring NFTs out of embedded wallets and offer a way for users to export their private keys.

How to use

  • Using the connect wallet UI components, you can integrate embedded wallets in just a few lines of code
  • Using the low level hooks and functions, you can easily build your own UI and fully customize your login flow.

Read more about how to integrate embedded wallets