React Native - Improved ConnectWallet Button


We're thrilled to announce the release of our redesigned ConnectWallet button for React Native! This release brings significant improvements, making it easier than ever to customize it to match your app look and feel. Below is a rundown of what's changed.

New Features

  • Send & Receive tokens: The ConnectWallet modal now provides the ability to send and receive tokens. You can also specify the tokens you want to support in your app! For more information see our documentation.
  • ConnectWallet customization: Our ConnectWallet component now accepts a modalTitleIconUrl to change the modal icon, it also takes in termsOfServiceUrl and privacyPolicyUrl for devs to specify these.
  • Simple SmartWallet API: We make creating SmartWallets as simple as it gets. You can just pass our smartWallet(personalWallet, config) config into our ThirdwebProvider and we take care of the rest. See our docs for more info.


  • UX: This release adds lots of small improvements that make the ConnectWallet button simple and intuitive to use. e.g: clear distinction between email/social logins compared to the web3 regular wallets; continue as guest experience and more.
  • UI: Customizing the ConnectWallet has never been easier, you can now pass a theme object to the ConnectWallet button by extending one of our themes: lightTheme or darkTheme , you can also pass your own full custom theme!

Breaking Changes

  • New smartWallet API: Previously we showed a SmartWallet as part of the Wallet picker => now, a SmartWallet is nothing more than a wrapper around an EOA. See our docs for more info.

How to Upgrade

Update your package using npm or yarn:

yarn upgrade @thirdweb-dev/[email protected]

Parting thoughts

We're committed to continuously improving our SDKs to make your development experience smoother. Feel free to report any issues or suggestions for future releases in our Discord Channel.

Thank you for your continued support!