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Engine is currently in Open Beta and requires self-hosting. If you need a managed version, please contact us.


Engine provides a server-side interface for contracts & wallets, without the complexities of wallet and transaction management.

It offers APIs for contracts, wallets, gas-less configurations & auth that allows developers to go to market and launch production grade applications with cross-EVM chain support with faster speeds, security, and reliability.

Building a decentralized application with a seamless user experience at scale requires setting up a backend infrastructure to create & manage wallets, deploy & interact with contracts, and handle user authentication. Engine removes this friction by eliminating blockchain constraints related to nonce, funds, gas, and key management.

Diagram showing relationship of engine


  • Backend wallets: Create backend wallets, store their keys securely via a cloud secrets manager like KMS, sign & send any transactions, and move funds at scale with nonce-management.
  • Smart wallets with shared custody: Create managed, smart wallets with shared custody between the backend wallets & a user’s EOA wallet.
  • Contracts: Deploy, read, and write to any contract across any blockchain.
  • Auth: Create permissions to enable users with wallets to directly interact with certain endpoints on Engine.
  • Sponsored transactions: Sponsor gas fees for any transactions through Engine.

Beta Feedback​

If you experience any bugs or have any feedback, please report it to our support team via Discord.