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The CLI provides tools to create, build, and deploy projects using thirdweb tools and infrastructure. Using the CLI, you can create new projects with the SDK configured, build, publish and deploy smart contracts, generate types while developing, upload files to IPFS, and more.

Open Source

The CLI is open-source. You can view the source code and contribute to it on GitHub.


Install the CLI package globally to use the commands anywhere on your system.

Note: If you do not wish to install it globally, you can prefix each command with npx. i.e. npx thirdweb <command>.

npm i -g @thirdweb-dev/cli

Once installed, you can view the full list of available commands by running:


Available Commands

Name of commandDescription
createCreate a web3 app from any of our official templates.
installAdd thirdwebs packages to your existing project.
buildCompile contract and detect thirdweb contract extensions.
generateFetch contract ABIs to generate types and improve performance in the SDK.
uploadUpload any file or directory to decentralized storage (IPFS).
deployDeploy your (or your teams) contracts securely to blockchains.
publishPublish your protocol so other devs can deploy them and unlock SDKs, dashboards and analytics.