Account Abstraction

Everything you need to leverage account abstraction technology to enable seamless user experiences for your users. You get all the tools to integrate account abstraction into your app. This includes:

  • Account factory contracts that let you spin up smart accounts for your users
  • Bundler, which is the infrastructure needed to process account abstraction transactions (known as User Ops)
  • Paymaster, which lets you sponsor transaction fees for your users


Execute Transactions
Enable exchange of native currencies and NFTs to smart account
Account Factory Contracts
Deploy ERC-4337 through dashboard, CLI, and SDKs
Sponsor Transaction Fees
Sponsor transaction fees for users using Paymaster services
Provision Access
Provide provisioned access with restrictions using session keys
Equipped with transaction processing software
Enable permissions
Assign signer and admin roles for granular access
Composable API
Compatible with external bundler and paymaster services or non-thirdweb ERC-4337 contracts
Managed version of factory contracts to enable future upgrades


Learn by example with these open-source demos:

Account Abstraction Demos

A reference implementation to create and interact with smart accounts.


By using the thirdweb SDKs, you can easily create and manage smart accounts for your users: