Get Started

Learn how to spin up your first ecosystem wallet, brand your wallet, and integrate your first ecosystem partner.

  • Get your Client ID

    On the thirdweb dashboard, navigate to settings to create an API Key to obtain a Client ID.

  • Deploy Your Instance

    Visit the Ecosystem Wallets dashboard and enter the name of your ecosystem and choose your logo.

    When your ecosystem wallet is deployed, you'll receive an Ecosystem ID derived from your ecosystem name. You will use this ID to specify your wallet during integration (see Step 4 below).

  • Set Ecosystem Permissions

    There are two permission options depending on whether you’d like an open or exclusive ecosystem wallet.

    Option 1: Anyone Permissions

    If you want to allow anyone to integrate your ecosystem wallet, no other changes are required. You can protect your ecosystem against malicious actors by adding unwanted domains to your blocklist.

    Option 2: Allowlist Permissions

    If you’re looking to create an ecosystem wallet for select partners, you can head to the Ecosystem Wallet dashboard, navigate to Permissions, and select “Allowlist”. All apps and games, added to your ecosystem, including your own app, will receive a unique Partner ID.

    Add Applications to Your Allowlist

    For each application on your allowlist, you'll need to specify a name, a list of allowed domains, wallet singing settings, and an optional bundle ID (for mobile applications). The list of domains will determine where a partner will be able to display your ecosystem as a login option. Once a partner is added, a Partner ID will be generated.

  • Integrating Your Ecosystem Wallet

    Once you've set up your ecosystem wallet, you can specify it using your Ecosystem ID.

    import { ecosystemWallet } from "thirdweb/wallets";
    // Create a wallet for a non-gated "Anyone" ecosystem
    const wallet = ecosystemWallet("ecosystem.your-ecosystem-id");

    If you set your ecosystem wallet to Allowlist, you'll also need to specify your Partner ID.

    import { ecosystemWallet } from "thirdweb/wallets";
    // Create a wallet for "Allowlist" ecosystems restricted to partners
    const wallet = ecosystemWallet("ecosystem.your-ecosystem-id", {
    partnerId: "...",

    Once you've instantiated your ecosystem wallet, you can add it to your Sign In flow.

    wallets={[wallet]} // Pass a non-gated or restricted wallet to the ConnectButton

    You and your partners can integrate your ecosystem wallet either as a full login system or as a single login option. You can read more in our integrating partners guide.