Ecosystem Wallet

An ecosystem wallet is your own managed in-app wallet service that allows you to create a branded wallet and login system, and allow any number of partners to spin up in-app wallets. End users that create in-app wallets in your partner applications (either with email, phone number, passkey, or socials) will receive one account and wallet address that they can access across all apps and games in your ecosystem.


Branded Wallet
Create a branded wallet that anyone can use to log in from any application using thirdweb Connect, WalletConnect and more.
Share Your Login
Allow partner applications to spin up secure in-app wallets under your brand.
Secure Cross-Application Authentication
Securely create session keys for users to interact with any game or app.
User Attribution & Ecosystem Analytics
Unlock analytics for developers and end user activity across your ecosystem
Cross-Chain Interactions
Enable end users to view assets, balances, and activities for apps and games across any EVM-compatible chain

Use cases

  • Gaming Studios - Build cross-game accounts for your players
  • Loyalty Programs - Attribute user wallet activity across applications
  • Chains - Create one account for all applications on your chain


Ecosystem Wallets start at $250/mo per instance. Instances allow for up to 30,000 monthly active in-app wallets and $0.02 per additional monthly active in-app wallet.

For pricing on unlimited wallets, contact our sales team.