In-App wallets already support most popular login methods out of the box, but we also give app developers the flexibility to use in-app wallets with any authentication method. If you have a valid authenticated user, you should be able to easily spin up an in-app wallet for them irrespective of how they got authenticated.

This means that app developers can now

  • Spin up in-app wallets for users using an existing authentication service. For example, if you have a game where players log in using their username and password, you can now easily create wallets when they sign up.
  • Integrate with any social login provider. For example, if you have a game where you want to let users login with their Steam or Epic games credentials, you can now use in-app wallets to enable these experiences.
  • Use in-app wallets in non-frontend environments. For example, you could authenticate users with SSH and use in-app wallets with CLI tools.
  • Build completely custom authentication experiences. For example, you could ask users to verify their credentials with 2FA or passkey before you consider them authenticated and provision wallets for them.