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Easily deploy any contract to any EVM compatible chain, using a single command:

npx thirdweb deploy

No setup, hardcoded private keys, RPC URLs or scripting required!

Why Use Deploy?

Benefits of using Deploy:

  • No setup or installation is needed.
  • Increased security:
    • No need to export a private key. The deployment is done from the dashboard UI from your browser, using a browser wallet.
    • Support for Safe so no need to share private keys across your team.
  • No need to set an RPC URL - we handle all the complexities for you!
  • Deploy using a user interface. This allows you to set the constructor arguments at the time of deployment.
  • Automatically uploads and pins the contract metadata to IPFS.
  • Automatically verifies your contract on Sourcify.
  • Automatically adds your contract to the dashboard - this step is gasless! This means you can easily manage and interact with your contract.
  • No need to copy your contract ABI when integrating your smart contract into a web3 app.