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Use the CLI to ship your contracts directly to any of our supported networks using the dashboard.

npx thirdweb deploy

Running this command will:

  • Compile all the contracts in the current directory.
  • Allow you to select which contract(s) you want to deploy.
  • Upload your contract source code (ABI) to IPFS.
  • Open the deploy flow in the dashboard for you to select one of our supported networks to deploy to.

Published Contracts

Deploy a contract that has been published by passing the author and name of the contract in the form:


npx thirdweb deploy --name doubledev.eth/ERC4907

Prebuilt Contracts

Deploy one of our prebuilt contracts by providing the --name option.

npx thirdweb deploy --name signature-drop

Upgradeable Contracts

We support deploying upgradeable contracts and the use of proxy contracts.