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Use the CLI to deploy your contracts directly to Any EVM compatible chain using the dashboard.

npx thirdweb deploy


Running this command will:

  • Detect the framework (Hardhat, Foundry or Truffle).
  • Compile all the contracts in the current directory using your project settings.
  • Allow you to select which contract(s) you want to deploy.
  • Upload your contract metadata to IPFS, making sure it matches exactly the encoded IPFS hash in the compiled bytecode.
  • Detect the extensions on your contract.
  • Open the deploy flow in the dashboard for you to connect a wallet, input the contract parameters and select a chain to deploy to, without needing to hardcode private keys!
npx thirdweb [options]


-p--path <string>
  Path to project

  Clear the cache before building

  Dry run (skip actually publishing)

  Show debug logs

  Continuous Integration mode

--dist-path <string>
  Path to the dist folder where the HTML based App is

-n--name <string>
  Name of the pre-built or published contract (such as nft-drop)

-f--file <string>
  Filter for contract files that contain this file name

-cn--contract-name <string>
  Filter for contracts that contain this contract name

-cv--contract-version <string>
  Version of the published contract

  Deploy a web app to decentralized storage

  Deploy a smart contract to blockchains

  Deploy a dynamic smart contract made up of extensions to blockchains

-k--key <string>
  Optional parameter to use passed in secret key, most useful for continuous integration use cases