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Hook for checking whether your app is connected to a wallet.

import { useConnectionStatus } from "@thirdweb-dev/react";


import { useConnectionStatus } from "@thirdweb-dev/react";

function App() {
const connectionStatus = useConnectionStatus();

if (connectionStatus === "unknown") return <p> Loading... </p>;
if (connectionStatus === "connecting") return <p> Connecting... </p>;
if (connectionStatus === "connected") return <p> You are connected </p>;
if (connectionStatus === "disconnected")
return <p> You are not connected to a wallet </p>;

Return Value

Return Value
  • unknown: Application has not yet determined connection status.
  • connecting: Application is trying to connect to a wallet. Either because of a user action, or when autoconnect set to true.
  • connected: Application is connected to a wallet.
  • disconnected: Application is not connected to any wallet.
"unknown" | "connecting" | "connected" | "disconnected";