Let your users connect to a Smart Wallet .

A Smart Wallet is a wallet that is controlled by a smart contract following the ERC-4337 specification .

For a complete overview of Smart Wallets, visit the Smart Wallet SDK documentation



To connect to a smart wallet, a personal wallet (acting as the key to the smart wallet) must first be connected.

import { LocalWallet, SmartWallet } from "@thirdweb-dev/wallets";
import { Goerli } from "@thirdweb-dev/chains";
// First, connect the personal wallet, which can be any wallet (metamask, walletconnect, etc.)
// Here we're just generating a new local wallet which can be saved later
const personalWallet = new LocalWallet();
await personalWallet.generate();
// Setup the Smart Wallet configuration
const config: SmartWalletConfig = {
chain: Goerli, // the chain where your smart wallet will be or is deployed
factoryAddress: "{{factory_address}}", // your own deployed account factory address
clientId: "YOUR_CLIENT_ID", // Use client id if using on the client side, get it from dashboard settings
secretKey: "YOUR_SECRET_KEY", // Use secret key if using on the server, get it from dashboard settings
gasless: true, // enable or disable gasless transactions
// Then, connect the Smart wallet
const wallet = new SmartWallet(config);
await wallet.connect({
// You can then use this wallet to perform transactions via the SDK
const sdk = await ThirdwebSDK.fromWallet(wallet, Goerli);


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