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The Contract SDK streamlines decentralized application development by managing everything from blockchain connections to user interfaces. The design is modular and highly composable, offering a mix of default settings and customization options to suit your project's unique requirements best.

Extension-Driven Framework

The Contract SDK has an extension-driven, contract-centric architecture. This allows the SDK to automatically identify and enable functionalities based on common contract standards such as ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. This is achieved by resolving the smart contract's ABI and extracting the implemented standards; known as extensions.

Each detected extension unlocks functionality in the SDK for you to use; enabling sets of methods and components to be used in the language of your choice to interact directly with the smart contract.

No ABI Required

Our ecosystem of tools such as our dashboard and import feature make using smart contracts simpler and more efficient. Connecting to a smart contract just requires the contract address, (no ABI), and is resolved from our on-chain registry of smart contracts automatically. Each contract’s information is automatically cached by the SDK, so your operations to read and write data to the smart contract are fast and efficient.


The SDK comes pre-configured with essential infrastructure to create decentralized applications. These include blockchain RPC connections, IPFS pinning services, wallet onboarding flows, gasless relayers, FIAT on-ramps, and more. These defaults are designed to streamline the developer experience to build performant and scalable applications, they can also be customized to fit the requirements of a project.

Flexibility and No Vendor Lock-In

All components of the SDK are modular and customizable, offering the flexibility to adapt the tooling to specific needs or to integrate with alternative services for unique use cases. This enables custom RPC providers, wallet connection flows, decentralized storage solutions, or gasless relayers as needed.