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Smart Wallet

Smart wallets are programmable wallets that provide a secure and convenient digital solution for managing and storing assets. In contrast to an EOA, or externally owned account, smart wallets are instead a smart contract secured by code rather than private keys.


Smart wallet factory contracts are fully compliant ERC-4337 spec. Learn more about ERC-4337 through the EIP proposal.


  • Operate with multiple parties - Allow multiple owners on the same wallet to sign and transact. Assign specific roles and permissions such as signers and admins.
  • Limit access - Limit access to specific functionalities or data within a smart contract via scoped session keys.
  • Execute transactions - Execute batched and single transactions, send and receive tokens or NFTs (ERC721 and ERC1155), and more with your smart wallet.
  • Ready-to-deploy contracts - Easily deploy smart wallet account factories through pre-built contracts.
  • Composable Smart Wallet API - Usable with already deployed ERC-4337 compatible factory contracts or bundler / paymaster services.

Use Cases & Examples

  • Create and manage wallets for users for applications such as games to provide a seamless and secure experience
  • Configure games or applications with restrictions and gameplay tied to specific assets


Get started quickly with these fully functional templates:


By using the thirdweb SDKs, you can easily create and manage smart wallets for your users: