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Bundler & Paymaster Infrastructure

The thirdweb SDK handles all the heavy lifting of bundling operations and covering gas fees with a turn key infrastructure. The thirdweb paymaster and bundler services are stand alone and can be used with any smart account contract without using the thirdweb SDKs.

On testnets, the only requirement is to obtain a free client id to get started. Once you're ready to deploy on mainnets, you will require an active billing account. You can configure your client id to restrict interactions only with your own contracts or with any contract.

Supported chains

With a thirdweb API key, you get access to bundler and paymaster infrastructure on the following chains:

View supported chains
  • Polygon
  • Optimism
  • Base
  • Arbitrum
  • Linea
  • Goerli
  • Sepolia
  • Mumbai
  • Base Goerli
  • Optimism Goerli
  • Arbitrum Goerli
  • Linea Testnet
  • Celo Alfajores Testnet

To support a chain not listed, contact us.

Using a Custom Bundler & Paymaster

Smart Wallet is free to use with your own account abstraction infrastructure. To use your own paymaster & bundler, pass the bundlerUrl, paymasterUrl and paymasterAPI options to the SmartWallet:

class MyPaymaster extends PaymasterAPI {
async getPaymasterAndData(
userOp: Partial<UserOperationStruct>,
): Promise<string> {
// your implementation, must return the signed paymaster data

const config: SmartWalletConfig = {
bundlerUrl: "your-bundler-url",
paymasterUrl: "your-paymaster-url",
paymasterAPI: new MyPaymaster(),

Pricing & Billing

To use thirdweb's account abstraction infrastructure, you need to setup a billing account on the thirdweb dashboard Settings page.


  • Bundler: Transaction bundle calls (non-sponsored calls) are free to use.
  • Paymaster: 10% premium on top of network fee based on your usage.

Find more information on the different billing tiers by visiting thirdweb's pricing page.