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Wallet is a library that enables you to integrate wallet connection capabilities into web3 applications.

It is usable as a standalone package to allow users to connect their wallets to your app, and integrates with our SDK to use the connected wallet to interact with smart contracts, utilise auth, storage, and more.

Supported Wallets

Access the largest catalog of wallets, from custodial to MPC to smart contracts.


It supports a vast array of the most popular browser wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect V1 and V2, Coinbase Wallet, non-custodial wallets such as Magic and Paper, multi-sig wallets such as Safe (Gnosis), and more; each with fine-grained control over the connection flow to create customized experiences, or pre-built UI components to get you up and running quickly.

It also supports Smart Wallets following the ERC-4337 specification and the ability to create a transactionless Local Wallets that allows users to onboard easily to web3 apps with a "guest checkout" experience.

Open Source Library

The wallets library is open-source. You can view the source code and contribute to it on GitHub.

Get Started

Learn how to quickly integrate wallet connection capabilities into your apps with the Getting Started guide.