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Getting Started

To get started, install the package into your project.

npm i @thirdweb-dev/wallets

Now youre ready to use any of our supported wallets, prompt the user to connect with the wallet, access information such as the signer and wallet address, and more.

// 1. Import the wallet you want to use from the package
import { CoinbaseWallet } from "@thirdweb-dev/wallets";

// 2. Instantiate the wallet class
const coinbaseWallet = new CoinbaseWallet();

// 3. Connect to the wallet (prompts the user when required)
const walletAddress = await coinbaseWallet.connect();

// 4. Use the connected wallet to access information such as the signer
const signer = await coinbaseWallet.getSigner();

Integrating with the SDK

Learn how to use the wallets package with the SDK.