Credits let you cover the costs of using thirdweb services. There are two types of credits that you can receive.

Optimism Superchain Credits

These credits can be used to cover gas fees on Superchain networks, which are a collection of networks built on the OP stack and include the following chains:

  • OP Mainnet
  • Base
  • Zora
  • Mode
  • Fraxtal

To get superchain credits, apply to join the Superchain App Accelerator.

This program aims to enable developers to create exceptional web3 user experiences powered by Smart Accounts. You can use your OP credits to start using Account Abstraction to sponsor your users' gas fees for free. Learn more about how you can easily integrate Account Abstraction into your apps here.

thirdweb Credits

These credits can be applied across any thirdweb service on any chain. This includes usage across In-App Wallets, RPC, and IPFS storage.

To get thirdweb credits, apply to join the startup program..

Using your credits

You can view how many credits you have in the dashboard's billing page or at the top of your thirdweb dashboard.

If you have credits, you can use eligible thirdweb services normally without any extra setup. Credits will automatically be applied to your bill at the end of the month.