Announcing new unity templates

Rahul Menon

We have just shipped 4 new templates that let you easily get started with your web3 game. Each template showcases unique mechanisms that let you build great in-game experiences

Build games with seamless user experiences using account abstraction

Take Flight is a game template that showcases how you can create web3 games with seamless in-game experiences. It does so in 3 key ways

  • Easily onboard users with their social login using embedded wallets. Users don't need to set up a wallet to play the game.
  • The game is completely gasless, all on-chain interactions are sponsored using account abstraction.
  • Since embedded wallets come with multi-device recovery and cross-platform support, you can access your wallet from another device instantly without having to do any sort of manual migration or linking

The game also comes with an on-chain leaderboard that ranks users based on their distance travelled

Link to repo

Integrate on-chain inventory and marketplaces into your game

Blockventure is an RPG-style game that showcases how you can have a seamless in-game experience when interacting with on-chain assets. It comes with an inventory to track your assets, a shop where you can buy assets, and a marketplace where you can trade assets with other players. It's a great way to get started building an on-chain multiplayer economy. Since assets are on-chain, users can truly own their in-game purchases and potentially take them outside the game to other composable games as well.

Link to repo

In-App purchases in mobile games

This template shows you how you can easily monetize your web3 game with in-app purchases. Users can onboard themselves by purchasing assets using traditional methods that they are already very familiar with. This is especially useful for in-game currency mechanisms and on-chain asset marketplaces.

You can learn more about how to integrate In-App purchases in your mobile game by following this guide

Enhancing Unity IAP with Blockchain Interactions

Link to repo

Create seamless, secure in-game experiences with session keys

Pioneer showcases how you can leverage session keys to create signless, gasless web3 games. It does so using session keys, which let users grant signing access to a game. Session keys also let you scope what type of transactions you want to give signing permissions for, that way users will be protected if they accidentally give signing permissions to malicious clients or clients that get compromised. Once the session key has been created with the necessary permissions, users don't need to deal with the "sign transaction" step again.

Link to repo

We're hoping that these templates inspire devs to create the next generation of great web3 games. Start building your web3 game today!