Engine v0.9.5: writes to unverified contracts, resource metrics + more

Farhan Khwaja

The Engine v0.9.5 update brings some new features and improvements.

Enhanced ABI Support

The /contract/write endpoint (docs) now accepts an optional contract ABI which allows calling methods on unverified contracts where the ABI can't be auto-resolved.

Ngrok URLs in the dashboard

The Engine dashboard now supports ngrok URLs to tunnel your locally running Engine instance.

Restrict the request body with keypair authentication

Keypair authentication is used to create short-lived access tokens. Now these tokens accept a bodyHash argument to ensure it can only be used for a specific use case. Read more about keypair authentication

Resource metrics for Cloud-hosted Engine

Cloud-hosted Engine users can view their CPU and memory usage under Configuration on the Engine dashboard.

zkSync Transaction Support

The /transaction/:chain/send-signed-transaction endpoint now supports sending signed transactions on zkSync.

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